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Allow us to take you for a trip across our beautiful Beskid region. We guarantee nice atmosphere, good company and many unforgettable attractions. Marvel at the monumental mountains, visit picturesque villages, talk to the highlanders, sing folk songs, and - finally - smell, taste and enjoy our regional cuisine.

We propose the following routes:

  • Równica- shepherds huts under Czarcie Kopyto mountain (Devil's Hoof), Zbójnicka Chata (Highland Robbers' Hut), mountain hostel for tourists - gorgeous view point. Magnificent panorama of the Tatra mountains.

    Highland Robbers' Hut. Równica

    Shepherd's hut under Devil's Hoof mountain. Równica

  • Brenna, Lipowiec and Wisła -typical huts of the highlanders, visit in Wisła - home town of Adam Małysz, famous Polish ski jumping champion.

    Old inn in Brenna village

    Adam Małysz with his coach Apoloniusz Tajner. Wisła

  • Villages of Istebna, Koniaków and Jaworzynka - Ecological Education Centre, the Konarzewski Family Museum (private museum, house and workshop of local sculptor and folk artisan), Museum of Lace-Making in Koniaków and many other places of interest.

    Museum of Lace-Making in Koniaków

    Panorama of Koniaków

  • Visit in the Czech Republic: Cieszyn, Leszna Górna - shopping in the Czech Republic.

    Cieszyn. Town square

    Cieszyn. Głęboka street

  • Short trip to Slovakia: northern part of the Lower Tatra Mountains - Demanovska Ice and Freedom Caves, travel by the chairlift to the foot of Chopok mountain, Besenova thermal pools.

    View of Liptów village and panorama of Lower Tatra Mountains

    Demanovska Ice Cave

  • Back in Poland: castle in Pszczyna - magnificent residence of the Dukes of Pszczyna, fortified castle with time converted into elegant, three-wing residence called the "Pearl of Silesia".

    Castle in Pszczyna

    Castle in Pszczyna

  • The "Black Trout" Gallery in Tarnowskie Góry - Upper Silesia Region. Undergound travel by boats along water-gallery, in the darkness brightened only by a twinkling carbide lamp. Also worth visiting - the museum of locomotives.

    Tarnowskie Góry. Old silver mine

    In the depths of the mine...

  • Salt-Works Museum in Wieliczka near Cracow located in the original underground excavations of the 700-years-old salt mine.

    Salt-mine in Wieliczka. "Saurau" chamber

    Salt-mine in Wieliczka. "Saurau" chamber. Stairs to the museum.

  • Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum in Oświęcim: symbol of terror, genocide and the Holocaust during the Second World War.
  • Individual orders: e.g. trips to Cracow, Częstochowa.

All of our itineraries may have a number of variations, depending on your preferences. It will be our pleasure to offer you our professional help. We are also ready to prepare any itinerary that is not presently included in our offer, individually for you, according to your wishes and own ideas.