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All year round Beskid Śląski district attracts thousands of tourists from Poland and abroad. Owing to the excellent location in the middle of the mountains and deep forests, as well as famous local microclimate, Beskid Śląski is ranked among one of the most beautiful and unforgettable regions in Poland, offering superb opportunities to take a good rest and enjoy outdoor recreation. 

Cieszyn area is an extremely picturesque land covered with mountains, hills, forests, clean rivers and streams. Here, in the tranquility of the trees, you can rest, breath fresh air and recover health and vitality. And you may also enjoy Poland's cultural richness and variety of historical monuments. Local tourist routs often lead hikers along Czech and Slovak national borders. The trails are perfectly marked and maintained. Thanks to peculiar microclimate and famous saline beds, mountain localities such as Ustroń and Istebna, are renown health resorts visited by tourists from all over Europe. 

Already for many years local area has been a favourite place for skiing fans - they can choose from among more than 40 ski-lifts operating from December through March in Ustroń, Wisła, Brenna and many other places. And one more advantage - recently Cieszyn area has been particularly appreciated and visited by the cycling enthusiasts. Thanks to the funding provided by Euroregion Cieszyn, many cycle routes graded by difficulty and length have been marked out and built. You are offered road, trail and off-road adventures. Rich natural values of the area are accompanied by well-developed, tourist-oriented infrastructure. Apart from the lodging the tourists are offered many recreation facilities such as sports grounds, tennis courts, boats, gyms and fittness clubs.